Prospectus and Results

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Summer 2019 progress / attainment measures [this is the most recent validated set of results based on students sitting examinations] 


Performance Measure (End of Year 11) 2022 2019 (2019 National Avg)
Progress 8   +0.38 (-0.03)
Attainment 8 57.4 53.3 (46.7)
% of all grades at 7 or better  34.2    (20.8)
% attaining grade C / 4 or better in En and Ma 82% 78% (64%)
% attaining grade C / 5 or better in En and Ma 64% 51% (43%)
% entered for all 5 EBacc subjects   72% (40%)
% attaining EBacc measure (grade C / 4+ in all 5 subjects) 49% 47% (25%)
% attaining EBacc measure (grade C / 5+ in all 5 subjects) 36% 28% (17%)
EBacc average point score 5.25 4.93 (4.07)
 % staying in education or employment after year 11 (previous cohort data)    98%  (94%)


Performance Measures (End of 16-18 studies) 2019
Average point score for A-level entry 31.02
Average point score for A-level entry expressed as a grade C
Value-added score (A-levels - Academic)  -0.09
Value-added score (Applied General)  +0.61
Average Progress made in English (GCSE resits)  +2.00
Average Progress made in maths (GCSE resits)  +0.75
Percentage of core aims retained  
Percentage of Applied General core aims retained  
Percentage of A-level grades at A*-C 73%

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Ofsted reports

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Autumn Term Newsletter
Autumn Term Newsletter
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