Welcome to the GCSE Catering Revision Page.

Once your Controlled Assessment Tasks are complete the best preparation you can do for the written exam is to familiarise yourself with the type of questions to expect on the paper and the types of answers the examiners will be looking for. In the resource section of this page you will find copies of recent exam papers and the mark schemes – work through these to help!

You will need to ensure that you are familiar with the topics that are likely to arise. The main areas of study for the Catering GCSE are:

  • The catering industry – food and drink.
  • Job roles, employment opportunities and relevant training.
  • Health, safety and hygiene.
  • Food preparation, cooking and presentation.
  • Nutrition and menu planning.
  • Costing and portion control.
  • Specialist equipment.
  • Communication and record keeping.
  • Environmental considerations.

For a summary of the GCSE Catering specification click here.

For a copy of the full specification click here. Remember, you are doing the Catering part of the Catering & Hospitality specification (units 1 & 2 only NOT units 3 & 4)




Before the Exam:
Work out a revision timetable for before and during your exams.
Learn how to plan your answers.
Practise written answers - in particular discussion type questions.
Practise answering timed questions in silence.

During the Exam:
Read the whole question through carefully before you begin.
Consider mark allocation to organise the time and depth needed.
Be clear on what the question is asking you to do – highlight key words in the questions
Use any information given to you in the question.
Remember questions about one aspect of the course are normally grouped together.
Check your paper at the end of the exam. Answer all questions.
If you have time to re-read and think about your answers – use it!



WJEC GCSE in Catering (single award)

Follow this link for more detailed information:

Your exam consists of 2 units:

UNIT 1: Catering skills related to food preparation and service

  • This Unit relates to the Controlled Tasks
  • There are two practical tasks which are internally assessed using WJEC set criteria and externally moderated.
  • The tasks are completed (one in Y10 and one in Y11) and are worth 60% of your GCSE grade

UNIT 2: Catering, food and the customer

  • One written paper of 1¼ hours duration
  • The written paper is externally set and marked. All questions are compulsory and targeted at the full range of GCSE grades. The paper will contain short-answer, structured and free response questions drawn from the catering content of the specification.
  • The written paper is worth 40% of your total GCSE grade

A comprehensive revision guide for this exam is available:
Published by Hodder Education
Title - WJEC GCSE Hospitality & Catering: My Revision Notes
Author - Judy Gardiner
ISBN - 9781444153897



Useful websites: (variety of fact sheets and activity sheets) (food tech not catering but the sections on nutritional properties, functional properties, food packaging & labelling and social & environmental issues are worth a look at!) (again food tech not catering but check out the sections on ingredients & nutrition and packaging, preserving & food poisoning)

Meat and Education


School Resources

Catering Revision Booklet
Different Diets
Eat Well Plate
Food Labels to be aware of
GCSE Catering - Culinary Terms - Answers
GCSE Catering - Culinary Terms - Pupil Worksheet
GCSE Catering - Catering Terms - Pupil Worksheet
GCSE Catering - Catering Terms - Answers
Meat Types and Cuts - Answers Guide
Meat Types and Cuts - Note Sheet
Properties of Food - Worksheet
Properties of Food
Religious Food and Drink
Vitamins & Minerals Chart
Catering Revision Powerpoint
Communication and Record Keeping
Culinary Terms
Environmental Issues
Food Safety Quiz
Function of Ingredients
GCSE Catering - Health & Safety
Meat Types and Cuts
Setting a Table
The Food Service Industry
The Functional Properties of Foods
GCSE Hospitality & Catering Specimen Paper
Jan 2011 - Exam Paper
Jan 2011 - Mark Scheme
Jan 2012 - Mark Scheme
Jan 2012 - Exam Paper
June 11 - Catering (Unit 2) Mark Scheme
June 11 - Catering (Unit 2) Exam Paper
Summer 2010 - Exam Paper
Summer 2010 - Mark Scheme
Interactive Revision Exercises
Nutrition - Who wants to be a Millionaire
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