Welcome to Dance GCSE Revision. This guide has been created to help you to make the most of your revision time. Although most of your practical work will be nearly finished by now, there are still 50 marks to be gained on your written paper and these marks are worth 20% of your final GCSE grade.

On this guide you will find top tips for getting the marks on the written paper as well as a full guide to the professional work “Swansong.” Follow the links to view the Set Dance and test your general dance knowledge with the theory quiz. Remember, every mark counts at this stage – so don’t delay, revise today!



Unit 1
Written paper – 1 Hour
50 marks 20% of your final exam
The exam is on two professional dance works – “Still Life at The Penguin Cafe” and “Swansong.”

Unit 2
The Set Dance
Solo Performance
30 marks 20% of your final exam
Your teacher will teach you this dance.

Unit 3
The Group Dance
Group dance performance – a dance from a professional work
30 marks 20% of you final exam
Your teacher will teach you this dance.

Unit 4
Task 1 – year 10 solo choreography (1 – 11/2 minutes in length)
20 marks 15% of your final exam
Task 2 – year 11 choreography solo/duo/group
40 marks 25% of your final exam
Unit total : 60 marks – 40%



Here is the link to the GCSE Dance Set Dance


School Resources


Dance History - An Overview
GCSE Dance Quiz
Swansong - A Guide for GCSE Dance
Top Tips for Written Paper
What Makes a Good Dancer
Worksheet for Lesson on Swansong Dance Appreciatio
Year 11 GCSE Choreography Guidelines
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