Cultural Tour of China 2019

The Cultural Tour of China 2019 will be the fourth time students from Hanley will visit China. It is a regular biannual tour with previous tours in October 2013, 2015 and 2017. The Cultural Tour of China 2019 will allow 24 students from years 10, 11 and 12, along with 3 staff, to experience a 12 day tour of cultural, educational and historic places in China. The Cultural Tour of China 2019 includes the first visit by our students to our partner school in China, Jining Confucius International School. The tour includes the following activities:
• visits to historic sites in Bejing, a two day stay at Jining Confucius International School, the Confucius Temple at Qufu, the City of Shanghai, mountain biking in the Chinese countryside, a Chinese cookery lesson, the Yangshuo Light Show and finally Hong Kong
• students are prepared by lessons in Chinese history, geography and politics
• Mandarin language lessons by visiting Chinese teachers and students
• cultural differences lessons from visiting Chinese student teachers from the University of Worcester
• Chinese culture lessons, calligraphy and tea ceremony lessons whilst at Jining Confucius International School
• an inter-school sports competition at Jining Confucius International School
• on return from China, the preparation and delivery of small scale presentations about the tour to each student's tutor group and then year group assemblies
• in preparation for the Cultural Tour of China 2021, students will help deliver the launch assembly in October 2020

The Aims and Outcomes of the Cultural Tour of China 2019 are:

• to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to live in, and contribute to, a global society
• to experience and explore the values, culture, history, customs, cuisine and everyday life of people in China
• to exchange ideas with people from another culture
• to develop inter-cultural understanding
• to develop the skills of individual potential through team work, building self-confidence, coping with challenge and allowing personal decision making
• to develop the skills of self-reliance, tolerance, independence and coping with the unpredictable
• to develop basic spoken Mandarin


china tour 1

  china tour 2

  china tour 3


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