Alumni - Class of 2016

Katy Husband

Katie Husband

What route did you take after school (i.e. university, apprenticeship, job etc.)

Oxford University to read History and Economics

What are you doing now?

I attended the 2019 NUS annual conference in Glasgow, representing Oxford students as an elected delegate to vote on proposed reforms and in elections. At Oxford, I have debated and written articles for the Labour club; was Balliol’s JCR sports rep and bar social secretary (a very important role); and was Events Officer for UN Women Oxford, promoting gender equality and facilitating discussion on all things feminist. I completed two summer internships, the first with Record Currency Management and the second with Goldman Sachs, and accepted a job with the former to start in January 2020. I am about to sit my finals and then plan to go travelling in Latin America for 3 months.

How Hanley might have helped

When making big decisions, I often think: is this the Hanley way? Life now is so far removed from life at school, and yet you never forget the values that Hanley instils in you from a young age: respect, kindness and speaking up for what is right. It’s reassuring also to know that the community at home is always rooting for you.


Orla Owen

Orla Owen

I took a year out to travel to India as part of Project Trust, where I worked with Indian Children, in a school, where I taught them English. This was a life-changing experience and has definitely helped to shape my future plans. I have just entered my second year at Queen Mary University of London, where I am studying English and Drama. I spent the summer in the US, as a special needs counsellor and am hoping to continue working with young people after my degree. When not studying, I'll probably be playing squash or queuing for day tickets.


Will Carter

Will Carter

I’ve been living in Sydney since July and I’m having a great time. The course here is great and I’ve branched out to financial mathematics and geometry and topology. I may even study creative writing next semester. My love of theoretical physics is as strong as my hatred for mandatory labs. I have lots of free time to go hiking in the blue mountains, to the beach and to jazz bars. I don’t have much to report in terms of academic awards but I’m on for a first. I’m still deciding whether or not to do a PhD; going into finance also seems attractive.


Jai Bolton

Jai Bolton2

A few things I've been getting up to: Science editor and now Deputy Editor of the Oxford Student (Newspaper), former President of the MH scholarship society, did a 3½ month research project at the Peter Medawar Building of Pathogen research. I'm also the Academic Affairs Officer for the Somerville College JCR. Last summer I went on an expedition to the Guyanan Rainforest and I also started a science society at my college, which is still running.
I'm applying for DPhil funding in cooperation with the group that I want to join. They have produced a universal influenza vaccine that has just cleared pre-clinical trials; would be amazing if I get a place.  

UPDATE: Jai has been offered a funded four year doctoral place at Oxford to work on the bird/swine flu vaccination project that he mentions above.  

Olivia Clutterbuck

Olivia Clutterbuck

This summer, I completed a 6-week internship at EY (Ernst & Young), one of the four biggest professional services companies in the world, offering audit, assurance services, taxation, management consulting, advisory, actuarial, corporate finance and legal services.
I worked as an Advisory Consultant, specifically in the Risk Management Function on several distinct projects with different clients, some of which involved travel abroad.
Some of projects included GDPR Compliance Management where I was responsible for producing a range of training and awareness material for a leading global provider of veterinary pharmaceuticals; an internal audit of refugees arriving in Ireland for the appropriate allocation of EU Funds for the Irish Refugee Protection Programme; a benefits management review for a banking client, regulatory reporting for another commercial bank which involved reviewing financial reports and creating a business procedure and I also spent time shadowing both an EY Partner and a Director.
I thoroughly enjoyed my Internship with EY. The work was very interesting and varied and I was given a lot of responsibility by personally dealing with clients and producing a range of deliverables for very big organisations. I would certainly recommend applying for an internship as not only do they provide an invaluable insight into the professional working environment, but I have also received the offer of a Graduate Job after I finish at university.

- Olivia Clutterbuck, Durham
- University, Third Year Geography Student

 Erica Guarnieri

Erica G

I started a 4 year-long BA in German and Italian at the University of Leeds in September 2016. I am currently in my 3rd year of university, living and studying in Italy for a year abroad. I needed an A-Level in a language in order to study German and Italian at university. Doing German at A-Level also provided me with the necessary skills and confidence to do a languages degree.

Nate Sanger-Davies

Nate SD

Nate is in the final year of a Model-Making SFX Degree at Bournemouth.

Nate says: "I've finished my animatronic Sloth Bear for Whipsnade zoo (We had a unit called "external brief" which we had to find a client for). I’m in my final year at AUB, having made a range of weird and wonderful models, from an animatronic bear, to a silicone head bust of Jimi Hendrix, to three octopus playing poker. I’m starting to specialise in sculpture for film and television. I’ve had the opportunity to work with over 7 illustrious Modelmaking companies and I can see myself gaining more experience throughout my career. (You can check out my work at or on Instagram @natesangerdavies)


Now I'm currently working on a model of 3 octopus playing poker! 

IMG 20190307 094330

We have a final year show "New Blades" on June 13th at Holborne studios."

Nate is aiming for a job in film; It's good pay, but long hours and I'll probably end up living near London, which isn't ideal. I've got a lot of options for modelmaking companies I can go back to because of the work experience I've done, but I'd love to see my name in some film credits.

Eleanor Carter

Eleanor Carter

After Hanley I went to The University of the West of England to study to be a Midwife.  I am about to qualify after 3 years of working 12.5 hour shifts on placement whilst also completing an undergraduate degree. I have delivered 46 babies independently (and counting), I have worked in the community, on a very busy maternity ward, on low risk birth units and the high-risk Delivery Suite. I have assisted in theatre during caesarean sections, completed over 100 postnatal and antenatal examinations and been involved in (scary) obstetric emergencies.

I love what I do and feel so privileged to be involved in the most special moments in people’s lives.

Hanley gave me so much support with my university application and helping me through the interview process. They gave me endless help with my studies to ensure I got the grades required to get into university.

Rosie Grinnell

Rosie Grinnell

I am a Sport and Exercise Science student at the University of Bath and I am currently on my placement year at a charity called Neurokinex.

Neurokinex provides activity based rehabilitation for those living with partial weakness or complete paralysis.
We deliver specialised rehabilitation and wellbeing programmes for those with neurological conditions such as spinal cord injuries, stroke and multiple sclerosis.
The programs consist of weight bearing exercises, locomotor training, electrical stimulation, balance exercises and strength training.

Working at Neurokinex has provided me with the experience needed to study in and pursue a future career in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Tom Wright

Tom W2

I am currently on placement at Williams Advanced Engineering (a branch of the Williams F1 team) as a design engineer. I am part way through designing a battery for an electric hypercar project, and am also the main design contact for it which means I am involved with all of the other departments, including the technical director. This is a brilliant experience, with great people, which I am thoroughly enjoying. I am between my 2nd and 3rd years of my MEng degree at the University of Bath where I have also been awarded the Alumni Fund scholarship.