Head of Subject: Mrs E. Elliott


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Subject overview:

To encourage and develop the students' reading, writing and oracy skills so that they can engage with a wide range of texts, tasks and discussions. There is an emphasis on exploring our literary heritage and that of other cultures, understanding how language reflects a range of contexts, purposes and audiences, and reading for enjoyment.


Year 7: Forms and Genres

The novel: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
Poetry: an introduction
Myths and Legends inc. Drama: Homer’s Odyssey
Drama: introduction to Shakespeare


Year 8: Voices and Perspectives

Contemporary Fiction: When the Sky Falls – Phil Earle
Poetry voices: Jackie Kay and John Agard
Cultural Capital: Justice, Change and Action (short stories)
Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing


Year 9: Into the World

Purple Hibiscus - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Poetry from Different Cultures and Traditions
Cultural Capital: Power, Freedom and Control (short stories)
The Crucible – Arthur Miller
Shakespeare: Othello or Merchant of Venice


Key Stage 4:

AQA GCSE English Language
AQA GCSE English Literature



OCR A Level English Literature
OCR A Level English Language
AQA A Level English Language & Literature
EDUQAS A Level Film Studies

Spring Term Newsletter
Spring Term Newsletter
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Autumn Term Newsletter
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