Sports' Results Round-Up

Our sports teams have been busy already this term:

Sports Results update for week ending 29/03:

U15 Boys and Girls Handball District School Games Champions, Players of the Tournament: Archie Bennett and Caitlin Davis respectively.

U15 Netball v Pershore 20-16 Loss, POM: APA 
U14 Netball v Pershore 23-10 Loss, POM: Anya Morrison
U13 Netball v Pershore 14-2 Loss, POM: Millie Saunders
U18 Netball v Pershore 23-3 Loss, POM: KL

U14 Football v Tewkesbury 5-2 Win, POM: Ollie Thompson Chatburn
U12 Football v Blessed Edwards 3-2 Loss, POM: Will Maxted
U15 Football v Tewkesbury 5-2 Win, POM: Elliott Flint



U18 Netball Tri-Tournament with Chase and John Masefield v Chase 6-3 Win and John Masefield 5-1 Win POT - KL

U18 Football v John Masefield 2-1 Loss, POM - Joe Westrip

U13 Rugby v Ridgeway 40-15 Win, POM Callom Dallow

U13 Rugby v Blessed Edwards 40-20 Win, POM Jason Bodenham

U15 Rugby v Bournside 17-7 Loss, POM Connor Robinson

U12 Football v Chase: A team 8-3 Loss, POM Lewis Jugessur; B team 6-2 Win, POM Theo Wallcroft; C team 2-0 Win, POM Macauley Martin

U13 Football v Chase 1-0 Loss, POM Archie Tucker; U14 Football v Chase 3-1 Win, POM Tomos Shyamapant

Well done to all those who regularly turn out for training, practice and matches.  Particular congratulations to the players of the match.  And of course thanks to the teachers who accompany all these events.

Latest Update:

Netball U13 The Downs Tournament 4th Place – POT: Erin Price, Georgia James, Willow Haynes

Football U18 v Pershore 3-2 Win – POM: EL 

Netball U14 v PHHS 18-3 Loss – POM: Laila Charlton

Netball U15 v PHHS 26-15 Loss – POM: Liv Tonkinson

Netball U16 v PHHS 28-8 Win – POM: Georgia Fisher

Football U12A v CWLC 3-0 Loss – POM: Luke Cale

Football U2 B v CWLC 2-2 Draw – POM: Will Maxted


More Sports Results from week beginning 4th March: 

U14 Football v PHHS 3-1 Win, POM: Charlie Maunder

U12 Netball v CWLC 16-2 Loss, POM: Ella G

U14 Netball v CWLC 22-22 Draw, POM: Tilly Radford

U15 Netball v CWLC 19-13 Win, POM: Issy Quinn

U16 Netball v CWLC 33-13 Win, POM: Sally Lewin

U18 Football v PHHS 2-1 Loss, POM: Will Price

U18 Netball v PHHS 12-11 Loss,

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