NCFE Music Technology

Awarding Body


Course Level

V-Cert Level 2 (or Level 1)

Qualifications worth

Level 1 Pass Merit or Distinction

Level 2 Pass Merit, Distinction or Distinction*
(equivalent to GCSE grade 1-9)

What is the Course?

Students are able to develop their working knowledge of composition, recording, live sound engineering, production and working collaboratively within specifically designed modules that focus on vocational scenarios from the music industry.

What will I learn?

This qualification provides students with the opportunity to explore their interest in Music Technology coving a broad and balanced curriculum comprised of 5 content areas:

Content area 1: Introduction to music technology and the music business

Content area 2: The digital audio workstation (DAW)

Content area 3: Musical elements, musical style and music technology

Content area 4: Sound creation

Content area 5: Multitrack recording

How will I be assessed?

A non-examined assessment (NEA) externally set and internally marked. Marks are moderated. The assessment is a synoptic project closely linked to the Music Industry. 60% weighting of the qualification

An externally set and externally marked written exam (EA). 40% weighting of the qualification.

When will I be assessed?

Examined Assessment (EA) is expected to be sat in the May / June of Year 11 - Duration 1 hr and 30 minutes

Non Examined Assessment (NEA) - A new brief is released every September - Controlled assessment over 17 hours.

Additional Information

Students do not need to be able to read music or play an instrument to start the NCFE V-Cert Music Technology course– BUT IT HELPS! A passion for music is essential as students will be spending all of their time immersed in many aspects of the Music Industry. Students will be encouraged to get involved in on stage and technical support aspects of school extra-curricular music, if they are not already, as this will give them a greater chance to succeed.

What will this qualification allow me to do?

If you enjoyed the NCFE V-Cert Level 2 Music course then you could consider Level 3 BTECs in Music Technology/Sound Engineering/Performing Arts as well as A levels in Music Technology and Performing Arts.

Your listening skills will enhance the aural perception needed in language examinations. Your IT skills will be supported as you will regularly be working at the computer. Music Technology students often move into careers involving radio broadcasting, sound engineering, teaching, arts administration/management of groups.

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