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Grades 1-9

What is the Course?

Design and Technology

Please Note - the written exam for Design and Technology will cover a range of materials, including papers/boards, timbers, metals/alloys, polymers and textiles. This is the same for all students taking GCSE Design and Technology, regardless of whether they choose to specialise in Timbers or Textiles for their ‘coursework’ assessment. All aspects will therefore be taught throughout the course.

What will I learn?

This new qualification in Design Technology is modern and relevant, so students can learn about contemporary technologies, materials and processes, as well as established practices.

There is a strong emphasis on understanding and applying iterative design processes. Students will use their creativity and imagination to design and make prototypes that solve real and relevant problems, considering their own and other's needs, wants and values.

How will I be assessed?

Unit 1: Written paper, based on the core content plus either Timbers or Textiles (depending upon the student's specialism)
50% of total marks

Unit 2: ‘non-exam assessment’ (coursework)
50% of total marks

For Unit 2 students will undertake a project based on a contextual challenge released by Edexcel a year before certification. The project will test students’ skills in investigating, designing, making and evaluating a prototype of a product. The task will be internally assessed and externally moderated. Marks are awarded for each part as follows: Investigate (16 marks), Design (42 marks), Make (36 marks), Evaluate (6 marks).

When will I be assessed?

Unit 2: Controlled Assessment - between June of Year 10 and Easter of Year 11
Unit 1: Written paper - This exam will take place in June 2023

Additional Information

This is an ideal course if you are interested in design and making exciting products. You will be introduced to new skills and techniques in your specialist area which can be demonstrated in the production of a coursework project. You will be expected to contribute towards the cost of materials for completed projects.

What will this qualification allow me to do?

This course provides an excellent route in to A Level Product Design, Engineering, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Architecture, Jewellery Design and Carpentry.

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