Awarding Body

Edexcel A

Course Level


Qualifications worth

Grade 1-9

What is the Course?

The course gives students the opportunities to actively engage in the process of geography, to develop as effective and independent learners with critical enquiring minds. Knowledge and understanding of geographical concepts related to our everyday changing world and the importance of being global citizens is paramount.

What will I learn?

Content will be based on compulsory areas of human and physical geography, using our location to tailor the course to our students’ needs. Physical geography units will focus upon UK geography, geomorphic processes, global systems, biodiversity and the changing weather and climate. Human geography will focus upon cities and urban society, global economic development and resource management. A strong emphasis will also be placed upon the following geographical skills: cartographic, graphical, numerical and statistical.

How will I be assessed?

Three separate exams will be sat
Physical geography paper 1.5 hours
Human geography paper 1.5 hours
Geographical investigations 1.5 hours

When will I be assessed?

Summer Year 11

Additional Information

Two pieces of fieldwork have to be completed. Five percent of marks will go to spelling, puctuation and grammar (SPAG). In Year 10 there is an opportunity to go on trips to complete the fieldwork requirements.

What will this qualification allow me to do?

Students studying this course can go onto study 'A' Level Geography and then to University. However the skills learnt from this GCSE support all young people in establishing where and how they fit into the world as we know it.

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