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Grades 1-9

What is the Course?

Paper Topics Year studied Weighting and exam length
PAPER 1: Understanding the modern world

America, 1920–1973: Opportunity and inequality

Part one: American people and the Boom

Part two: Bust – Americans' experiences of the Depression and New Deal

Part three: America's post-war society

Year 9/10 50% 2 hours

Conflict and tension in Asia, 1950–1975

Part one: Conflict in Korea

Part two: Escalation of conflict in Vietnam

Part three: The ending of conflict in Vietnam

Year 10/11
PAPER 2: Shaping the nation

Section A: Thematic studies 2A Britain: Health and the people

Part one: Medicine stands still

Part two: The beginnings of change

Part three: A revolution in medicine

Part four: Modern medicine

Year 9/10 50% 2 hours

Section B: British depth studies Norman England, 1066–c1100

Part one: The Normans – conquest and control

Part two: Life under the Normans

Part three: The Norman Church and monasticism

Part four: The historic environment of Norman England

Year 10/11

How will I be assessed?

Two written exams

When will I be assessed?

Both written exams are taken at the end of Year 11.

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What will this qualification allow me to do?

Many history students excel in careers involving decision making and problem solving. Law, education, the civil service and journalism are a few of the many career paths that history graduates move into.

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