Application Process

Students already studying at Hanley Castle

We require you to have a positive work ethic. This can be proved by the successful completion of the ‘Pink Sheet’. This is basically a reference to ensure that students who have worked hard during their GCSEs are welcomed into the sixth form. You are required to speak to all of your teachers at GCSE and ask them for their endorsement of your application. They will either mark your pink sheet as: ‘Highly Recommended’ or with some ‘Reservations’ or ‘Serious Concerns’.

In addition to your application form you should also submit the completed pink sheet. Clearly it is important to stress to all prospective students from year eleven that before we look at your grades we consider your ability to work hard. If you do not have a desire to give of your best - do not apply. We would also hope that it would act as a spur to any student that does not get all of their endorsements from subject staff as ‘Highly Recommended’ to try to improve the situation in the weeks that remain of year eleven.

Once we receive the application an interview may be held with parents to discuss the coming two years and individual aspirations and goals.

We do not admit students with fewer than 5 C grades at GCSE. Indeed in some subjects a B is thought preferable, and those students working in foundation or intermediate groups in Science and Maths will need to speak to their teachers about the demands of taking A level in these subjects, even if they gain the C grade, as the step up to A level is a big one.

Students from other institutions

Recently a pleasing trend has developed in that we have welcomed many students from other institutions. In these cases a reference from your present school is required rather than the ‘Pink Sheet’ indicating clearly that you have worked hard at GCSE level. As long as you satisfy our basic entry requirement, you will be invited to an interview with the Head of Sixth Form. We would also be pleased to arrange a taster day for you.