Year 11 into 12 bridging programme

To all prospective Year 12 students, intending to join Hanley Castle Sixth Form in September 2020.

Please click here to access the transition work for 2020

I hope that you are all well and really looking forward to your next steps as your GCSE courses are finishing. Your teachers are collating your 'most likely' grades and will be sending them to the exam boards soon. Exam boards will then apply their own calculations before determining a final grade.

Now is the time to look towards your future plans, whatever they may be. At Hanley Castle the staff are working incredibly hard to ensure that you are ready for those next steps. You are all welcome to use the resources that are being prepared, whatever your plans. We understand what a difficult time this is for you and we are here to support you.

This is the part of the website that will provide you with everything that you need to prepare for your post-16 plans. We understand that you will want to be more independent now and so will be providing you with a range of resources to develop study skills as well as knowledge in your chosen subject areas.

The bridging modules between GCSE and your post 16 choices will be divided into subjects and will be made available every 2 weeks starting from the 1st of June. The first set of work will contain support on learning independently and will show you all of the different ways that you can find and utilise information to further your understanding of a topic.

Open the folders linked to your 3 A-Level or BTEC choices and a 4th one for your reserve choice. The reserve choice is important as it will allow you flexibility to change options at a later stage should you decide to, it will improve your broader understanding and allow you to take up this subject in the unlikely event that your GCSE grades don’t meet the subject criteria for your other choices. Please feel free to choose more than four if you like! Follow the documents inside, the first 5 will support you with independent study. The 6th will be specific to your subject. It contains a variety of tasks for you to watch, listen to, play and one task to be submitted to your teacher by email per fortnight, a deadline will be included. It is up to you how you manage your time but please get used to managing it. The key to success in post 16 studies is your ability to work independently. Now is the perfect time to get practising!

We hope that you will find the work interesting, inspiring and enjoyable. We also hope that it will help you think about your future career plans. If you have not done so already, please fill out the form below so that we can start to plan your career support in school:

Form for Hanley Castle Y11 students

Form for Y11 students applying from other schools


Click here to access the transition work for 2020


If you have any problems or would like to change your mind and join our Sixth Form please feel free to get in touch.


Mr S. Cook

(Head of Sixth Form and Assistant Headteacher from Sept 2020)