Key Policies

Acceptable Use of ICT Policy - June 2017
Anti-Bullying Policy June 17
Attendance Policy Nov 2017
CIAG Policy May 2017
Complaints Policy Final V1 13.07.17
Curriculum Policy June 2017
Examinations Policy Nov 2017
Exclusions Policy Jan 17
Homework Policy Feb 2017
Positive Behaviour Management Policy May 2017
Privacy Notice HCHS Sept 2016
Pupil Premium Policy 2017-18
HCHS 2018 Pupil Premium Report
Safeguarding Children Policy Final V1 13.07.17
SEN and Inclusion Policy Sept 2017
Disability Equality Action Plan Jan 2016
Disability Equality Policy Jan 2016
Equalities Policy Final V1 13.07.17
Equality Report Jan 2016
Gender Equality Action Plan Jan 16
Gender Equality Policy Jan 2016
Race Equality Action Plan Jan 2016
Race Equality Policy Jan 2016
Hanley Castle Update - February 2019
Hanley Castle Update - February 2019
Hanley Castle UpdateFebruary 2019The new year started with the exciting news that Welland Primary Sc...
Sports' Results Round-Up
Sports' Results Round-Up
Our sports teams have been busy already this term:U18 Netball Tri-Tournament with Chase and John Mas...
Hanley Castle Warhammer Club
Hanley Castle Warhammer Club
Warhammer is a table top war game set in a fantasy universe where two or more players can complete a...
Happy half-term everyone! Enjoy the break. See you on 25th! Your holiday homew...
Blind Cricket at New College
Blind Cricket at New College
Nine Sixth Formers were guests at New College Worcester (a national residential school and college f...
Slapton Geography Fieldtrip
Slapton Geography Fieldtrip
On a cold morning in January, eighty-six Year 10s boarded the bus for Slapton Sands, to take part in...