Year 6 Transition

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to parents of Year 6 students who will join Hanley Castle in September 2021.

We understand that this process may seem more daunting due to the current situation. Please do not worry. We are all in this together and have plans in place to make the process as smooth as possible for you and your child.

April/May update:

You should have now received a transition pack either from your child’s primary school or in the post. This includes a yellow confidential record that needs to be returned to us either by email or post by the 19th April 2021. This will enable us to keep you updated on the various transition events that we have planned for June/July. If you have not received this, please ask at your child’s primary school and contact us on the email below.

Over this next half term, the Key Stage 3 team will be out visiting each of the primary schools to enable us to get to know your child in their own setting and meet with their current teacher.

We look forward to your son/daughter joining us at Hanley very soon. I’m sure you may well have lots of questions. A virtual parent information video will be released on the 10th June with a follow up parent questionnaire. However, if you have any pertinent questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via the Key Stage 3 email address,


June update: 

We have now visited each of the students joining us in September. We have met a group of students who are eager, excited and ready for the next step in their education. For a child starting a new school, it can often feel daunting, so please see below a series of videos we've produced which we hope will give you insight into Hanley life, our systems and procedures.  Please click on the titles below to view.

Head Teacher Welcome

Communication with Key Stage 3

Hanley Processes and Procedures

Tutor Groups and Curriculum

Supporting Students at Home

Hanley Life from the Students' Perspective

Student Wellbeing at Hanley

In the coming weeks your child will receive a second transition pack via his/her primary school. This will detail their tutor group, their college as well as an invite to Transition Day happening on the 30th June. 

A copy of the 10th June email letter can be found at the bottom of this page.


Transition Day Update (30th June):

As you are aware, we were very disappointed to have to cancel our Transition Day this year due to a change in government guidance. However, we think it's important that each student has the opportunity to get a flavour of what a Hanley lesson is like, an introduction to their tutor, as well as many other staff here at Hanley. We therefore have put together a virtual classroom for your child to explore. Please use attachments to help them get a flavour of what Hanley life is really like.

The virtual classroom has also been shared with your child's school. Depending on their context, they may well use this in class to help students feel ready for September.

There is also a resources pack to accompany the virtual classroom.



R Dunn 2 
Miss Rebecca Dunn
Head of Key Stage 3
 Paul Smith 228CDD0485
 Mr Paul Smith
Assistant Head of Key Stage 3
Mrs Tandy
Assistant Head of Key Stage 3
Zoe Mitchell 1 
 Miss Zoe Mitchell
Key Stage 3 Admin Assistant



10th June Email to parents
Virtual classroom resources pack
Transition Virtual Classroom 2021
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