Uniform and Lost Property / Additional PE Kit

Uniform (please click here for the uniform poster):

  • Black blazer branded with Pelican badge [required - designated uniform suppliers]
  • School tie – dependent on college (house) tie – Gilbert, Burley or Horton [required designated uniform suppliers]
  • Dark-grey or black tailored trousers [required - widely available] or one of the compulsory style branded school skirts [required - designated uniform suppliers] - no jeans or stretchy black trousers / skirts
  • Black 'V' necked pullover with Pelican Badge [optional, but branded if worn, from designated uniform suppliers]
  • White shirt with traditional collar and buttoning to neck to wear with tie [required, generic and widely available]
  • Suitable traditional style black shoes [required, generic and widely available] - no boots/fashion shoes with heels higher than 4cms
  • Black or dark grey socks or tights [required, generic and widely available]
  • Hair – tidy, clean, of a reasonable length and no extreme styles
  • No fashion belts

Parents are asked to note the following general points:

  • All items of clothing and other property should be appropriately marked. We can then return lost property directly to students if it is found.
  • School uniform must be worn on the journey to and from school, and on all school outings unless permission is given to the contrary.
  • During external / internal examinations proper school uniform must be worn.
  • If a student is not in school uniform for any reason, he/she must bring a note from home explaining the temporary circumstances. Long term problems ought to be addressed to the appropriate Head of Key Stage in the first instance.
  • Shirts must be tucked in and pullovers must not replace blazers.
  • We do not accept rings, nail varnish, make-up or piercings (except for one pair of plain studs or earrings for girls with pierced ears, no facial piercings). Jewellery and valuables are best left at home.
  • Boy's facial hair is not appropriate until the 6th form.
  • Hair must be of a traditional style and colour.


PE Uniform:

  • Black branded rugby shirt for boys [required - designated uniform suppliers] or a branded hoodie for girls [optional - designated uniform suppliers]
  • Black and red polo shirt (branded with Pelican Logo) [required - designated uniform suppliers]
  • Black and red branded shorts for boys [required - designated uniform suppliers], optional for girls [branded - designated uniform suppliers]
  • Black and red branded ‘skort’ for girls [required - designated uniform suppliers]
  • Black knee-length branded PE socks with red trim [required - designated uniform suppliers]
  • Boots or trainers with non-marking soles [required, generic, widely available]
  • WINTER ONLY - Optional black/white branded rain jacket and pants [designated uniform suppliers]
  • WINTER ONLY - Shin Pads [required, generic, widely available]
  • WINTER ONLY - Gum Shield [required, generic, widely available]
  • WINTER ONLY - Studded boots [required, generic, widely available]
  • Black and red sports jacket with Pelican Logo [optional, designated uniform suppliers]
  • Black tracksuit bottoms with Pelican Logo [optional, designated uniform suppliers]
  • Black and red sports bag with Pelican Logo and initials [optional, designated uniform suppliers]
  • WINTER ONLY - Black thermal skins for under PE uniform [optional, generic, widely available]


Please follow the links below:


Top tips for parents

New Starter Hub (including an appointment booking page)


Kidz & Kitz


Lost Property:

Whilst students should be encouraged to take responsibility for uniform, kit and other belongings, the school will take reasonable steps to support students and parents in locating lost items. To assist this we request that all uniform and kit is clearly marked with the student’s name.

We advise that valuable personal items are not brought into school. When this is unavoidable the student must take responsibility for the item. During PE lessons (etc) students may leave valuable items with their teacher, who will keep them securely.

The following procedures are in place:

  • Small named items of lost property that are handed into the school reception will be returned to students via their tutor bags. Larger items are held in reception and a note is sent to students (via their tutor bags) for them to collect it. We shall also try to contact parents to let them know that items have been found.
  • Un-named P.E. kit that has been left in the sports hall is held in the sports hall in the first instance.
  • Un-named uniform or other items are held in reception for the duration of the half-term.

Students should make every effort to reclaim their lost property as soon as possible. To assist students and parents in relocating lost unnamed items the school will:

  • Allow students to look through un-named lost property in reception during break, lunchtime and also before and after school.
  • Make lost property available to parents in reception during the school day. We ask that parents contact the school before coming in to arrange a mutually convenient time.
  • Make lost property available in reception during parents’ evenings.

School reception accumulates a considerable amount of unnamed lost property over the course of a half-term. However, we do not have the capacity to store this quantity for long. At the beginning of each half-term unclaimed items of significant value will be made available to parents who struggle with the cost of new uniform. Other items will be donated to local charity shops.


Additional PE Kit

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