Awarding Body

Course Level

Qualifications worth
Two GCSE grades 1 - 9, one in English Language and one in English Literature

What is the Course?
GCSE English Language allows students to demonstrate their ability to use English in real life contexts; it tests creative skills as well as developing an investigative and analytical approach to texts, with particular focus on:
20th and 21st Century literature
19th, 20th and 21st Century non-fiction and literary non-fiction
Creative writing

GCSE English Literature requires students to explore texts from a personal perspective and offers an experience of:
19th Century novel, modern drama or prose
Taught poetry and unseen poetry
The two courses are awarded separate GCSEs, but are taught holistically over the two years.

What will I learn?
You will build on knowledge, skills and enthusiasm which are developed in Key Stage 3. Additionally, you will develop your aptitude and ability to understand and comment on a range of written and spoken texts.

These skills include:

  • narrative/descriptive writing
  • writing for specific audiences and purposes
  • information retrieval and analytical evaluation
  • appreciation of writer influence and context
  • communication: developing spoken language.

How will I be assessed?
With the exception of the spoken language presentation (which is an internal assessment), all English Language and English Literature students sit a final external exam at the end of year 11. There are no longer any controlled assessments or coursework.

Additional Information
You will need to be able to work both individually and in a group; close concentration and animated discussion are both necessary at different times.

Independent study skills and the ability to take the initiative with your learning will be apparent in students who succeed at the higher level in this subject.

What will this qualification allow me to do?
Many students wish to continue to study English or English related subjects at A level and successful grades at GCSE are a pre-requisite for this.

Secure literacy skills are vital in today’s world.

Most post 16 pathways look for well educated young people who have achieved good GCSEs in English and Maths.

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